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Fuego Magic Presets

This preset is for portrait and wedding photographers who want a clean and timeless look. It will give your photos an artistic aesthetic without deviating too much from what your eye naturally sees. Going beyond today’s trends, this is a preset you can use for years to come! You will also receive a link to a video that shows you how to install the presets/brush pack in lightroom and how to use them correctly.

Fuego Magic Brushes

Take a photo from good to excellent with this pack of brushes. I use these brushes to finish my photos 90% of the time as they allow me to fix dark eyes and shadows as well as add artistic style to the overall picture. These are a great addition to your editing tool kit for when you want to soften and even out skin, make eyes pop and draw the viewers eye to the important aspects in the frame.


These presets are SUPER easy to use. I like how you have all the modifiers off the base. You can just click some of the modifiers, adjust the white balance and you're good.
-Stephanie Betsill


These presets are really easy to use. Most presets I've used I still have to adjust quite a bit but these pretty much nail it. I really like that you have one specifically for front-lit shots.
-Chantelle Fernandez