Lindsay and Richard had such a fun unique wedding, the were one of my last events before we went into full shutdown here in Maui. It is crazy to think that during this event we had no idea what was coming out way. Carefree as can be, ready for the next event coming out way. I cannot believe how fast everything changed.

This wedding really had it all. These two are such a carefree couple, they were surrounded by all of their closest friends and family. The week before we got together for an adventure shoot which was the most perfect idea ever. This gave us a chance to connect, have fun and get prepared for the big day. They did not stop laughing.

On the wedding day they looked amazing, they had a stylish, modern and carefree thing going on of which I wanted for every wedding.

The coolest part of it all was the sweet spark canons they had for their grand exit. It made for the most amazing nighttime portraits of them two.

These were the bride’s words post wedding:

“The sun is setting on our time in Hawaii! Flying home today, masks on, gloves on, armed with disinfectant wipes 🙌 I feel so grateful for how our wedding was in perfect timing —right before things around here got really serious with the corona virus. Any later, & we might not have had this wedding! So thankful for the family & friends who worked so hard to fly out for us!! We will remember & treasure your support you showed forever! Ah, WE JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! !!!! ! ! ! 😭😍❤️🥰 And for those of you who couldn’t make it but were there with us in heart & live-streamed WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!! Okay so now that we are all in quarantine and there is no place for you to escape to, brace yourselves for SO0o0O MANY wedding photos!!!!”


These were the grooms words post wedding:

“So grateful we got married before this craziness. Our guardian angels must be working overtime because a few days later and we might not have been able to celebrate with our friends and family. Even during this uncertain time, I am so thankful for this. And, of course, to be married to the love of my life @lindsayrappliang ”