Okay everyone, I had been waiting a long time to get Tonie Christine on the podcast and I am glad I did. Tonie is an incredible photographer, she is SUPER talented in every aspect of a photography business. Tonie has an extensive business and marketing background. She shared with me lots of amazing tips to market yourself and more importantly stand out amongst a plethora of other talented artists. These tips will help you whether you are a destination wedding photographer in Maui or a wedding photographer anywhere else in the world. It was SO much fun to finally sit and pick her brain about all of these awesome things I had seen her do while following her on insta.

Her journey to getting where she is now is super relatable and I believe will help many. We talked about every stage of her business, how to value clients, how to market by directly reaching the people you want to be working with, talked about resources, business tools, editing software, gear, cameras, lenses, connecting with couples, setting boundaries, how to walk the blurry line of clients / friend, an much much more. She is an all-around amazing human being who lives to help others. Her approach to business really reflects that. If I were you I would head over to her website and check out her blaze workshop which will give you tons of tools and tips to grow your business.

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Business Mentoring – (Blaze)


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