Lisa Rosa came over from the island of Oahu to capture some engagement photos, while here on Maui we sat down to chat a bit about her journey and what she is about. We discussed how Lisa used photography as a source of release and escape. She shared how photography brought light back into her life and how this affected the way she looked at her clients and work. Lisa is an amazing friend, mom, and human. She is not afraid to be real and vulnerable. We talked about SO many different topics, obviously, we touched on gear, technical talk, settings, shooting, as well as how to say no to clients and knowing what YOUR specialty is. You are going to get inquiries to shoot the same things that you are constantly posting / sharing both on insta and your website.

Straight from Lisa’s website:

“I am a mother of 2 and it was after I was blessed with my daughter in 2012, I realized how quickly my children were growing.  I picked up a camera with the intention of documenting my children’s lives, but before I knew it I was capturing moments for those around me. 

I have a strong passion for the simple things in life and I love being able to capture moments we can relive over and over through photographs.

I often remind myself that there are moments in life you can’t get back and that’s one of the daily reminders I use to fuel why I do what I do.

That is to simply freeze time in moments you are just… living.   ”


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