Cadence is a super rad photographer from Maui, Hawaii who owns Cadencia Photography. She has a unique style and an incredible eye for capturing raw & unfiltered emotion.

We talked about LOTS of good stuff, she tells us about her beginning stages and how she got into photography. How she uses photography as a tool to connect with people on different levels. She lives and breathes her art. She also talks about how to bribe your customers with coffee for early sunrise shoots! Being real to allow your customers to feel comfortable and capture absolute dreamy shots, creating a safe space quickly with the time provided, using multiple alarms to not miss call time, sunrise and twilight lighting to create moody images, family photography tips to connect with kids, being yourself fully on social media and website to attract the right clients, capturing childbirth, favorite type of light, challenging yourself in all sorts of conditions, camera settings, being crazy and shooting at 1.2, getting artsy with prisms and much much more!

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