Alex Cohen is a savage globetrotting photographer. She was kind enough to sit down with me while she was out here in Hawaii Photographing a wedding day for a very blessed couple. She flew over from Oahu and spend a solid hour talking story and sharing amazing bits of knowledge. Alexandra is French-born but currently resides in Australia.

She has a great encouraging story of how she began with her photography career. She has an amazing ability to connect with people at a personal level, we discussed a ton of different topics. She shared about her system to book destination weddings, what it is really like to travel all over to shoot weddings, her passion for design and how it ties in with her photography business. We touched on gear that she likes to shoot with, her approach with clients, setting boundaries with your clients on social media, camera bags, travel gear, how to prepare for your weddings, and much more.

I think what stood out the most to me was our conversation about community and how important of a role it played into getting to where she is at today. How she became part of a photography community and that helped not only grow as an artist but also grow as a business. The true importance of having genuine relationships and friendships with people no matter how far away from you they are in the world. It was SUPER interesting to get her perspective especially coming from such a different market, not only outside of Hawaii but also outside of the United States. I think that this podcast will encourage all of you wedding photographers out there. I think this episode applies to Maui wedding photographers equally as it does to people interested in photography all around the globe.


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